Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Corporate Real Estate Services

Supporting maximization of customer's enterprise value
by aggressive proposal of consulting and solutions

We operate as a general developer to offer a broad range of services, including support for CRE strategies, purchase, and sales, in order to carry out the optimal real estate strategy for each of our business clients individually.

CRE Service Site

We provide all kinds of support for corporate real estate, such as real estate sales, CRE strategy support, leasing of office and tenant buildings, and efficient real estate utilization.

Our Services

We provide full support for diverse real estate needs across Japan, utilizing the unique network we have cultivated over many years.

Our Strengths

Our specialists provide optimal services and consulting offerings in every field, ranging from investment real estate to business real estate, support for business inheritance, succession, and debt collection, investment funds, and real estate investment in Japan by foreign investors.

Rising to Challenges

We provide tailored support for the challenges faced by our customers using our diverse knowledge and experience.