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Using our innovative operational know-how to increase corporate value for tenants

Nomura Real Estate Development has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the office building business as well, in which we create new value for office buildings with services ranging from planning development, design supervision, and invitation of tenants, to administration and management. We leverage our strong ability to develop products and general capabilities to build and supply office spaces with real value for the people working within. In addition to our large city-center developments such as the Shinjuku Nomura Building, the Nihonbashi-Muromachi Building, and the Yokohama Nomura Building, we also offer the mid-scale high-grade PMO series of office buildings, and continue to make leaps and bounds in the office marketplace.


PMOPremium Mid size Office


Our PMO office buildings are medium-sized, but feature high-quality functions equivalent to a smart building. The one floor, one tenant design is used as a base, guaranteeing efficiency, independence, and safety. Up to five security levels can be set, a feature which has earned the trust of businesses handling confidential information.




H¹O is a new type of serviced office leasing business focused on small companies and freelancers. As an office of the new era, we respond to the needs of every one working at our office and support small businesses that can bring changes in society by maximizeing the power of each worker.



As the office brand representing the values of "Human First",  we will pursue "Product and Service" and "Space and Time" that closely fit each individual, thereby providing next-generation value to workers, visitors and local people.

Office Building Information

Search for information about Nomura Real Estate Group leased offices across Japan, filtering for your desired conditions such as location and floor space. You can also select specific areas and browse visually.


Shinjuku Nomura Building

Standing at approximately 200 meters, the Shinjuku Nomura Building is our ultra-high multistory complex that focuses primarily on office floors, with 50 floors above ground and 5 basement floors. Construction of the building was completed in 1978, when it became the sixth building to join the group of iconically Japanese skyscrapers in western Shinjuku. Additionally, of the area's skyscrapers, the Shinjuku Nomura Building is located relatively close to Shinjuku Station, and features smooth access such as a direct connection via underground passage. By bringing together over 50 tenant companies and a commercial zone with approximately 40 stores, the Shinjuku Nomura Building is constantly filled with activity and life.

Nihonbashi-Muromachi Nomura Building

Nihonbashi is an area of Tokyo with over 400 years of history, originating from the Five Routes of the Edo period. This is where we built the Nihonbashi-Muromachi Nomura building, which was designed to harmonize with the surrounding historical buildings while using cutting-edge technology to realize environmentally-friendly and safe local planning. The building has 21 floors above ground, and 5 basement floors. The commercial zone spanning the first basement floor up to the ninth floor forms a facility complex dubbed YUITO, which consists of various shops, business floors, and service zones.

Yokohama Business Park

Yokohama Business Park is our expansive business stage located close to the heart of Yokohama, offering leased offices and meeting rooms, research facilities, amenities, and more.


Nomura Conference Plaza

Information on our rental conference rooms for events and seminars. The Plaza offers detailed, attractive services beyond what conference rooms normally offer, with good access to areas such as Shinjuku and Nihonbashi.