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Focusing on high-quality homes to offer residential environments with lifetime quality

Nomura Real Estate Development's strength is in its integrated system of construction, sales, and management, which ties together everything from acquiring land to sales and management using the group's abilities. In addition to the PROUD brand that we are developing primarily in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, we are also developing and selling residences in the suburbs of the Metropolitan Area with the suburban condominium brand OHANA. Additionally, we are utilizing the knowledge and experience distinct to our group to provide our unique, multi-faceted support services that assist customers even after they have moved in, such as the Nomura Real Estate Group Customer Club. Furthermore, we have also made many achievements in the field of condominium reconstruction.

PROUD CITY Shinonome Canal Marks

Condominium Housing Business

PROUDNew-build condominiums

PROUD CITY Kichijoji/Mitaka City, Tokyo

Building homes with pride in our integrated system, that brings together everything from condominium planning and design to sales and management

The PROUD brand is Nomura Real Estate Development's most representative brand of condominiums.
The concept for this brand is in condominiums that residents, builders, and local people can feel proud of. We strive to improve quality with our integrated system of construction, sales, and management, so that customers can feel lifelong satisfaction and enjoy some of their greatest moments at home. After revealing the first of the series in 2002, we then began to develop the brand primarily in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and the Kansai region. Specialist staff check each of the hundreds of details of the building work from start to finish, and we engage in residence quality maintenance through numerous additional examinations. Additionally, we also take responsibility for post-construction service, providing multifaceted support after customers move in, such as through the Nomura Real Estate Group Customer Club.

PROUD SEASONNew-build detached homes

PROUD SEASON Shonan₋Fujisawa mutsuai /Fujisawa City.Kanagawa

Building permanent-quality homes that transform the flow of time into value

The concept of Nomura Real Estate Development's PROUD SEASON detached homes business is "creating homes that will endure as assets of people, towns, and time." From choosing the location, we give serious consideration to the area's image and infrastructure, and to design specifications that suit the characteristics of the area. We build homes and residential areas that increase property values. We focus on "permanent quality," selecting materials which reflect the growth and maturation of towns as time passes. Additionally, we draw up plans for streets and parks with safety and security for the block in mind, and we also consider privacy when allocating space between buildings or positioning windows. We aim to create residences that people can feel truly glad to live in, for example by creating community spaces that foster exchange between residents in our large-scale projects.

OHANANew-build condominiums

OHANA Shintokorozawa Duhale/Tokorozawa City,Saitama

High-quality suburban condominiums that give families time together

OHANA, Nomura Real Estate Development's second suburban residence brand, was established in August 2011. The name comes from a Hawaiian word meaning "family" and "family bonds," and the brand's slogan is "Providing kind moments to families." We are confident that we deliver homes with a strong sense of quality, appealing to a wide audience. We also provide forward-looking support, ranging from the close attention we give to the details that make living in the present comfortable, through to long-term after-sale service. We also offer total solutions that build the foundations for comfortable, pleasant living, such as planning for plants and trees that thrive alongside the families that live in the area.

Senior Housing Business



Nomura Real Estate Wellness deals in the group's OUKAS brand of housing for senior citizens, offering services that help the elderly to stay healthy, stable lifelong residences, and support for independent living.

Good Time Home

We provide optimal, high-quality care services that create ideal, rich, and fulfilling lifestyles for residents.

Rental Housing Business

We offer high-quality rental homes, using our product planning skills that leverage the development knowledge and experience we have cultivated through years in the residential business. From planning to administration and management, we provide homes for satisfying lifestyles using the Nomura Real Estate Group's integrated system.



Our urban rental housing is guided by the three ideals of location choices that combine convenience and environmental friendliness, security and management services that protect residents, and construction, facilities, and specifications that enable comfortable daily lives.

Property for rent in Nomura Real Estate Partners

We present customers with urban rental condominiums that are highly functional and convenient, designed with care to be comfortable to live in.

Other Residential Business

At Nomura Real Estate Development, we seek to respond to customer's hopes and needs in a number of ways, from condominium management to renovation, redevelopment and efficient utilization of land, and to provide ideal homes. Let us work together to create homes where every day is richer and more enjoyable. We will continue to ramp up our efforts as general developers to contribute to society and realize our customers' dreams.

Condominium Rebuilding Business

We assist with reconstruction of condominiums so that residents can continue to live in their homes with peace of mind.

Urban Redevelopment Business

We create new urban areas together with proprietors, taking advantage of our group's know-how and experience.

Information about Land Utilization

To protect, build, and let thrive: we provide customers with information about efficient land utilization with real value in response to their individual needs.

Residential Services

We leverage the group's strengths to respond to our customers' various housing needs, from residence information such as purchase and sales of second-hand real estate, presentation of rental condominiums, and condominium management, right through to home renovation.

Condominium Management

We handle comprehensive administration and management services for buildings and condominiums, as well as property management and construction management services.

For residential information such as real estate purchases and sales, go no further than nomucom.


House Remodel

We will respond to all kinds of remodeling with diverse proposal capital making full use of professional technology and experience.

The Nomura Real Estate Interior Design Service, Interior Selection

Interior Selection is an interior design service operated by Nomura Real Estate Development. Our interior advisors provide total coordination and support such as after-sales service for products after purchase.

First Living Assistance

We offer rapid home and living services to client companies, and work to increase company value.

Member Services

Nomura Real Estate Group Customer Club

A members-only site for residential customers who have engaged with the Nomura Real Estate Group.


PROUD Club is a member service which provides the latest information about new-build homes and lifestyle information.


OHANA Club provides enrollment campaigns and the latest lifestyle information.