Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Message from the President

Through the unwavering "market-in approach" and the "commitment to quality," we build cities—dynamic stages that connect today with tomorrow’s possibilities, and embrace every moment of life’s pursuits. We create new value, social value, and, above all, real value.

As a real estate company, we believe it is our mission to create a secure, safe, and comfortable urban development and enrich the lives and times of people who “live,” “work,” and “gather” in these communities to create an even better tomorrow well into the future. We aim to be a sustainable company that strives to fulfill the expectations of all its stakeholders, grows in tandem with society, and contributes to the realization of a sustainable society.

Our key strength and the feature that distinguishes us is the urban development that we conduct by developing a variety of assets based on the"market-in approach" which always puts the customer's perspective first, and the "commitment to quality" that makes these ideas a reality. At our core is a desire to focus on people first and foremost, and to create an even better tomorrow for all those who spend time in urban environments, by collaborating and creating together with them.

In the residential development business, in addition to our high-quality PROUD condominium brand, which is founded on an integrated development, sales, and management system, we offer a variety of residential options, including OHANA brand suburban-type condominiums and PROUD SEASON brand detached housings. In the commercial real estate business, we are working to meet increasingly diverse needs by delivering an office portfolio that matches the changing needs of the times through the development of facilities such as small- and medium-sized, high-functional, high-grade offices (PMO and H1O ) and satellite shared offices (H1T ), in addition to conventional large-sized offices. We also develop unique retail facilities and hotels as well as high-performance logistics facilities, and are actively working to develop large-scale mixed-use developments that integrate these types of diverse functions. We also participate in many redevelopment projects in Japan's core regional cities as well as the three major metropolitan areas. Furthermore, we are working to utilize the achievements and know-how we have accumulated in Japan to expand our business domain to overseas regions such as China and ASEAN countries.

Our company was established in 1957, starting with our development business that began with a residential land development in Kajiwarayama, Kamakura. Since our establishment, we have tirelessly worked with a flexible mindset to enter new businesses in order to respond to the demands of society and our customers' needs. Now, as social situations and business environments undergo major change, triggered by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the needs and values of our customers are diversifying at an increasing rate.

At this key juncture in eras, in order to deliver urban development and real estate related services that allow people to embrace every moment of their lives in comfort and peace of mind, and are friendly to both humans and the environment, I believe we need to embrace innovation and challenge more than ever to generate new value. Going forward, we will continue striving to refine our unique business models by leveraging the advanced development capabilities we have cultivated throughout our history as well as promoting DX (digital transformation) by actively utilizing cutting-edge technologies. We will work to meet the expectations of our stakeholders by “building cities—dynamic stages that connect today with tomorrow’s possibilities” and by “embracing every moment of life’s pursuits.”

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

President and Representative Director
Daisaku Matsuo

Daisaku Matsuo