Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Message from the President

We strive to create new value through community development for the future, holding fast to our unique, thoroughly customer-focused business model.

Our primary objective in our work as a comprehensive real estate company is customer satisfaction. We consider it our mission to satisfy our customers – to be able to provide the products and services that our customers want. Furthermore, we seek to meet the satisfaction of all of our stakeholders, including the society we live in, and we aim to be a sustainable company that keeps growing.

In the housing business, we have been providing homes of various types: the OHANA series of suburban condominiums, the PROUD SEASON series of detached houses, and our specialty, the PROUD series of condominiums, which offer an integrated system of construction, sales and management. In addition to housing, we also operate in the urban development business, where we develop office buildings to meet diversifying needs, commercial facilities that serve as the heart of our cities, highly-functional distribution centers, and more. We are also actively working toward complex, large-scale development work that brings our development functions together. Additionally, we have been using the knowledge and experience gained from the above activities to strengthen our corporate real estate and corporate mediation offerings.

Our company was established in 1957, starting with our development business that began with a residential land development in Kajiwarayama, Kamakura, and thanks to the support of our customers and clients, we have since celebrated our 60th anniversary. Since our establishment, we have tirelessly worked with a flexible mindset to enter new businesses in order to respond to the demands of society and our customers' needs. Now, as social situations and business environments change, the things our customers value have also become more diverse – calling for the creation of new value through ingenuity and determination more than ever before. To meet this challenge, we will continue to expand our distinctively unique business model by maximizing our sophisticated development and corporate real estate functions. Through this, we hope to meet the expectations of our customers and all of our other stakeholders by providing rewarding experiences and community development for the future.

We thank you for your continued support.

President and Representative Director
Nomura Real Estate Development.

Seiichi Miyajima