Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.


1957 Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. established. Launches real estate business, as leasing and management of office building operations transferred from Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
1959 Launches real estate brokerage business.
1961 Launches residential land development business with development of Kajiwarayama residential area in Kamakura, Kanagawa.
1963 Cooperation with trust banks to implement a long-term loan system that was revolutionary for the time.
Launches condominium development business with the construction of Co-op Take-no-Maru in Yokohama.
1964 Osaka office starts development of Hirakata residential area as the first development in Kansai.
1965 Completion of former head office building, Edobashi Building. Launches real estate appraisal business.
1969 Enters detached housing business with the development of Nomura Home, a brand of custom-made wooden detached houses.
1972 Launches the Nomura My Home Circle system and starts member recruitment.
Starts selling subdivisions of developed area for villas in Fiji, marking our entry into overseas markets.
1975 Begins full-scale work in interior goods sales, planning, and consulting businesses.
1978 "Shinjuku Nomura Building completed in Shinjuku, Tokyo . (Construction began July 1975).Head office moved from Nihonbashi to Shinjuku Nomura building."
1981 Efficient land usage business starts full-scale operation under the name "Pair System."
1982 Launches Nomura Residential Distribution Center, a real estate distribution system.
1983 Launches overseas real estate leasing business with the establishment of Nomura Real Estate International Inc. in Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.
1985 Starts selling subdivisions of Tsurukawa Midoriyama residential area in Machida, Tokyo.
1988 Starts construction of Yokohama Business Park (YBP) in Yokohama, the largest-scale wholly private business development of the time.
1989 Starts Darling Park Project, a large-scale redevelopment project in Sydney, Australia.
Enters the fitness club business with the opening of the Tsurukawa Midoriyama Club in Machida, Tokyo.
1992 Starts selling subdivisions of Yachiyo-Koen-Toshi residential area in Yachiyo, Chiba.
1994 Starts selling units of A-City Hills and Towers at the Seifu-Shinto residential and commercial area in Hiroshima Seibu Kyuryo City, Hiroshima.
1995 Opens Megalos Soka XAX, the first Megalos-branded fitness facility, in Soka, Saitama.
1999 Starts selling units of Keihanna Koen Toshi in Kansai Science City.
2001 "Establishment of logistics business department. Nomura Real Estate Urban Net Co., Ltd.,(currently, Nomura Real Estate Solutions Co., Ltd.) launches real estate brokerage business. "
Fitness club operation company NF Create Co., Ltd., changes name to Megalos Co., Ltd.
Completion of all 11 buildings of the Yokohama Business Park project.
Nomura Real Estate Investment Management Co., Ltd., a company specializing in managing real estate private funds, established.
2002 Establishment of Japan's first real estate opportunity fund, JOFI.
Starts selling units of Sento no Mori residential area.
Establishment of unified brand name "PROUD" for residential products and services.
2003 Nomura Real Estate Office Fund, Inc., listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2004 Introduction of holding company system with Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc. at the helm.
2005 Opening of the Aeon Yachiyo Midorigaoka Shopping Center, a real estate investment development business.
2006 Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc. listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2008 Completion of the first PMO series building, PMO Nihonbashi-Honcho.
Completion of the first Landport facility, Landport Itabashi.
2009 Establishment of the PROUD ECO VISION policy.
2010 "Start of first condominium rebuilding business.Completion of PROUD Shinjuku Gyoen Empire."
2011 The OHANA brand begins with OHANA Yasaka-Hagiyama cho.
2012 Grand opening of GEMS Shibuya.
Announcement of the Relocation Service for home owners.
2013 An industry first: start of the NEXT PASS10 maintenance service for exclusively owned spaces of condominiums for 10 years after delivery.
Completion of the Lazona Kawasaki Toshiba Building.
Opening of bono Sagami-Ono.
2015 Start of the Nomura Real Estate Group Customer Club, a membership organization that collaborates with Nomura Real Estate Group companies to provide services.
Funabashi Morino City receives the ÉcoQuartier (eco-district certification) quality label.
2017 Completion of the Yokohama Nomura Building.
2018 Opening of NOHGA HOTEL UENO.
2019 Opening of H¹T series office, H¹T Nishi-Shinjuku and four other locations.
Opening of the first H¹O series office, H¹O Nihonbashi-Muromachi.
2020 Opening of the first SoCoLA series facility, SoCoLA Wakabadai.
Opening of the first MEFULL series facility, MEFULL Chayamachi.
2022 Nomura Real Estate Building is merged to Nomura real Estate.