Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Group Philosophy / Action Guideline

Group Philosophy "Our Group Vision"


Integrating all that is precious to people and communities,
we build cities - dynamic stages that connect today with tomorrow's possibilities,
and embrace every moment of life's pursuits.
We create new value, social value, and above all, real value.

Action Guideline "What We Value"

Client-first approachWe maintain our "client-first" approach as well as our attitude to ensure trust and fulfill expectations, which we have valued since the foundation of the company.

Creating new value based on original ideasWe pursue creating new value with free and out-of-the-box thinking, placing importance on anticipating future and global perspectives.

Always being a challengerWe always bear in mind that we are a challenger and take on new challenges with humility and ambition.

Acknowledging our growth with societyEver mindful of our responsibility and pride in creating the future for people and cities, we contribute to society and continue to be a company on which it relies.

Working with vigor and achieving wellnessRecognizing that working with vigor brings growth to both the company and ourselves, we take the utmost care of our mental and physical health.

Group Symbol "United N"


The Nomura Real Estate Group symbol is "United N" which represents our desire to value all of our encounters and to build a better tomorrow and future through our relationships with many people.
While bringing to mind the letter N, the initial of the Nomura Real Estate Group, the shape that not only represents the seamlessly connection between the Group's existence and its characteristics. This symbol also expresses the important relationships we have with many groups such as customers, shareholders and trading partners, as well as our commitment to being a pacesetter in the creation of a new real estate business paradigm - regardless of convention. At the same time, the symbol represents the new value we will create by combining the passion and skills of every person and company in the Nomura Real Estate Group and their diverse values.
The unique color formed by the blending of two shades symbolizes our spirit of embodying a youthfulness brimming with strong desire and high ideals and professional wisdom in all fields and of striving to become a uniquely creative corporate group.