Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Retail Facilities and Hotels

Bringing together the combined strengths of our group to develop large and urban-type commercial facilities

Our retail facility business is engaged in the development of large commercial facilities such as YUITO at the Nihonbashi-Muromachi Nomura Building, which offers carefully-selected products and first-rate services, and neighborhood shopping centers (NSCs) that respond to our customers' needs, such as the bono Sagami-Ono Shopping Center. Additionally, our GEMS urban commercial facilities specialized for train station areas provide restaurants and other businesses where adults can casually enjoy high-quality food, occasions, and spaces. We offer a new kind of lifestyle to people who live and work nearby, such as local office workers.

YUITO, Nihonbashi-Muromachi Nomura Building

GEMSUrban Commercial Facilities

GEMS is Nomura Real Estate Development's neighborhood shopping center series designed especially for train station areas. The name suggests a collection of precious jewels, and comes from the idea that we want these facilities to bring light to people's lives. Another concept common to GEMS facilities is that they should be areas that allow adults to casually enjoy high-quality food, occasions, and spaces. As such, we carefully survey customer needs in each area so that we can cater to them. This is why the restaurants gathered at GEMS facilities are both topical and original.
We take great care with the outside appearance of GEMS as well, and use materials and designs that harmonize with the local area.

MEFULLRetail facility focused on services

MEFULL is a retail facility focused on the services sector business that enhances satisfaction in “health, studying, and life.” The facility brings together the services sector business and responds to diversifying needs under the concept of “It makes ME FULL of happiness!” against the backdrop of changing lifestyles due to work-style reform, etc. and the change from goods consumption to experiential consumption. As for buildings, we will also make efforts such as adopting renewable energy and proactively participating in environmental certification assessments to handle social issues. In addition, we aim to realize a “clean and dignified facility” that can be used safely and securely also by women and children by utilizing our know-how in the retail business.

SOCOLACommunity-based retail facility

“SOCOLA” is a coined word made by abbreviating “Sugu Soko Ni Aru COMMUNITY LAND.” It also resonates with the phrase “going out for a bit of shopping” which people often use. SOCOLA is a community-based retail facility that enhances the daily convenience of residents and creates a community people want to visit every day. It aims to become a place that blends into local life as a familiar and lovable facility functioning as a “partner of local residents” with a concentration of supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, and service stores that meet the needs in areas where SOCOLA is needed.



NOHGA HOTEL is a brand based on the concept of "being deeply connected to a place and cherishing fantastic experiences created from that". In November 2018, we opened the first property, NOHGA HOTEL UENO. This hotel brand represents part of the Group's efforts to actively promote "the creation of a city leading to the future" and "building a community connecting individuals to societies and societies to the city", developing its own products and services. In addition to designing appropriately to the area where the hotel is located, furniture, room amenities, and arts made by the locals will be incorporated, and we aim to create a space where you can feel the culture of the area within the hotel.


Hotel Niwa Tokyo

Hotel Niwa Tokyo

Hotel Niwa Tokyo, based on the concept of 'Beautiful modern Japanese style' is a 3minutes' walk from JR Suidobashi Station East Exit and is located in a quiet location brimming with greenery, with easy access. The hotel has been highly praised by guests both inside and outside of Japan, such as "Michelin Guide Tokyo 2019", which was introduced in the guidebook as 'comfortable hotel' for 10 consecutive years since its opening in 2009. The 2 restaurants across the beautiful courtyard serve authentic Kaiseki cuisine and casual French cuisine made with carefully selected ingredients. Also, the hotel has a reputation for its original events with the theme of Japanese traditional culture, so you can enjoy the hotel life in various ways. Enjoy a relaxing and mature time at the hideout in the city that focuses on quality rather than luxury.


bono Sagami-OnoShopping Center

This shopping center is made up of approximately 90 stores, making it a center for redevelopment of the station area. With Sagamihara's showrooms and test shops, tenant stores newly opening in Kanagawa, and more, the bono Sagami-Ono Shopping Center has been embraced as the region's core facility.

YUITO, Nihonbashi-Muromachi Nomura Building

YUITO occupies the first basement floor up to the ninth above-ground floor of the Nihonbashi-Muromachi Building, which is directly connected to Mitsukoshimae Station on the Ginza and Hanzomon lines of the Tokyo Metro. Here, you'll find retailers offering products made using the finest materials and superior technology, and carefully-selected restaurants that offer sublime cuisine and first-rate service. The complex also features Nomura Conference Plaza Nihonbashi, a conference facility and high-quality business solution with the latest facilities, as well as banks, clinics, and more. The YUITO complex is fully equipped with commercial and service zones for adults looking for a kind of authenticity that offers them high-quality occasions and spaces.

Shinjuku Nomura Building Restaurants & Shops

The Shinjuku Nomura Building features 36 restaurants, including Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine, and cafes too. Choose the environment that's best for the occasion: higher floors where you can enjoy the scenery, or the underground floors filled with a diverse variety of options.

Yokohama Nomura Building Restaurants & Shops

The Yokohama Nomura building is a high-rise building in the Nishi ward of Yokohama, replete with office spaces, restaurants, and shops.

PREZZO Cafes & Restaurants

PREZZO is located in Yokohama Business Park, and contains various restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and more, as well as a clinic floor. The facility also hosts community events, making it a lively and cheerful place to be.